Monday, August 13, 2012

The Trio!

So I've got eight minutes to do this. Ready Goooooooo!
Paignton is so boss. Gorgeous beach and sailboats and a lot less intellectual than Winchester.
-Sister Nelson is from Idaho and Sister Pitcher is from Logan. We are getting along great, and it's weird to me that I'm the senior companion.
-We taught Bob, who has decided to stop meeting with the J-Dubs in favor of us. Still afraid to pray because he knows what the answer will be.
-Lots of problems with the RCLAs by way of domestic trouble, but their testimonies are strong and refreshing.
-I've got boils all over my right arm ever since we gardened in stake president's yard and they're not going away. Now I've got to go to the NHS....bummer.
-Spoke in church on prophets for ten minutes and am having a great time.
-Troubles with the bishop...we are only invited to the last ten minutes of ward council, he calls us "girls" instead of "sisters", and he chewed me out for expecting to ask the members for referrals. So be it. We will discuss zero missionary work, fine.
-This trio is really fun, and I'm learning a lot about handing cards out by the way. Super hilly, like San Francisco.
The Church is true! Off to Exeter next week to work with Portuguese investigators from Angola, huzzah! I wish Howard were here. :)
Love you all! Hope everything is good and that you are lifting and encouraging each other in the wards ;)
Sister Willard

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