Monday, August 27, 2012

Old Testament

Not too much time--we're headed to the moors today to see Haytor, whatever that is. Since I've been to the Tor proper, I assume it will be similar.

Can I tell you how great the Old Testament is? It makes so much sense in context with all the other scriptures we have ever had, puts forth the characteristics of true prophets, teaches the true nature of God, and most importantly for me, has reconciled the two conflicting views of the Savior--is He the one who turns the other cheek, or kills a thousand men for taking the spoil? I tell you what, the Israelites are so disobedient and stupid that by the time you hit Judges, I want to wipe them off the earth. But the Lord doesn't. He loves them and is so faithful to them and is so hurt that they don't trust Him as much as the things they make. He really is a God of love, as well as justice.

Things are good here, lots of less-actives coming to church in both areas. We would like to suggest that be a key indicator because it is equally important to the real growth of the church, and it would help us feel like we are actually accomplishing something. No idea how much influence you have over this, it was just a suggestion :) A few new investigators have entered the pool, and we are doing our best to cater the lessons of PMG to their needs. It's so liberating when you do that.

Keep working hard and remember to pray in specifics.

Love from,
Sister Willard

P.S. Pictures from Katie arrived today in the mail and mom is currently putting them up on the flikr site.

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