Monday, August 20, 2012

Middle O'Summer

Right, so before I left Winchester, Sister Barker got yet another announcement from her last roommate. "Ha!" she cried. "They're all married!" She waved the picture around to all the elders (on p-day) and then I recognized that the GUY in the picture was Braden! Hey! So we reminisced for a few days and got so pleased about the fact that Braden and Kaylee were getting married. So cute. Completely forgot to tell you ;)

Working two areas in a trio is hard work. Here are some things that have happened:

-Went to church yesterday and were asked to give our testimonies. Everyone was having kittens about the fact that I had been with Housley and Christensen (the legends of Exeter). There were 12 recent converts or less-actives there, six of which hadn't been seen in years. What a miracle! Robin (baptised two weeks ago) blessed the sacrament. It was so sweet.

-One member here, David, is doing his PhD on how the Book of Mormon utilizes the Bible. It's unheard of in his field of study apparently. If you've got doctrinal questions, he's the guy to ask. Gospel Principles as taught by him is properly invigorating.

-We stopped a guy on the street (clearly from Africa) who only could respond, "Espanish?" I dug deep into my memory bank and cobbled together a sentence in Spanish featuring the card we were trying to give him, church on Sunday, how long we lived here, etc. He got so excited to hear some of his native tongue, he grabbed our diary and wrote his mobile down. We've gotta call Elder Simplicio :)

-Got my trunky call (asking which airport and whether my parents would pick me up, which I didn't know), complete with Mission Impossible music and Sister Kearl declaring that the message would self-destruct, wiping it from my memory forever. I really did forget about it until a week later. Forever in the mission is always relative.

-Picked up a new investigator in our flat named Mike. He had cancer and was an atheist--the doctor sorted the cancer, but missed a massive ABSCESS in his navel (the size of two flat footballs) which burst, sending poisonous cells that will slowly eat his body away. He's probably got two years left to live, and this is like the millionth horror story I've heard from the NHS (National Health Service). Anyways, he's become a believer and is reading the Book of Mormon, the Bible, the Koran, anything he can get his hands on. Really cool to speak to him.

-Barbecue on Saturday--there were loads of investigators and less-actives there, and even though we had to leave early to sort out a baptism for Bideford branch, we got to give a chapel tour and learned that the Schofields (members of less than a year) are the best missionaries in the stake. So awesome!

Nothing too crazy to report--the weather has really turned out nice for the first time this summer, and I hope it'll linger. I'm trying to convince Sisters Nelson and Pitcher that the winter won't be that bad. I do like winter by virtue of everyone's invigorated attitude--the sun inspires apathy and going to the beach. Funny how that happens.

Hope all is well with you, and that the missionary work is making a killing!

Love from,
Sister Willard

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