Thursday, March 1, 2012

Training in Winchester

President Shamo called in the morning. I was feeling really sick. He then said I was training. I now know what morning sickness feels like.

So Sister Sebald has gone to Orpington with Sister Casasola to whitewash, Sister Kernek is training a sister from Samoa on the Isle of Jersey, Sister Christensen is whitewashing into WANDSWORTH, LONDON with her greenie from North Carolina, and I'm still here in Winchester training the one and only Sister Paulsen from Denmark.

Google her. She's from Copenhagen and she's launched a site for her mission because no one knows about the Church there. The closest celebrity they've got is the actor who plays Jesus from “Finding Faith in Christ,” who sings Saviour, Redeemer of My Soul on “17 Miracles,” and is a famous Danish singer. Sister Paulsen is so excited to be in England and keeps counting the miracles here. We've found a fantastic potential just this morning waiting for the bus and I know she will be the most amazing missionary this place has ever seen. Training is well scary, but as long as I can stay organized, I know she will be that way her entire mission.

We're also doing this 40 Day fast with the sisters from Tunbridge Wells, which is helping us to become better missionaries. Our goals range from three baptisms to six less-actives coming to church to knowing exactly which door to knock on any road. The rules we've given ourselves are designed to make us more effective and focused on the work--for example, we're only listening to the MoTab and we've taken down family photos and we're even praying for missionary dreams. Miracles are happening. I feel like I'm in the military :)

Things are so good here. I feel so frightened of going from junior companion to trainer/takeover an area overnight, but I know that Sister Paulsen will be able to train at the end of this moves, no doubt about it. Winchester is so lucky to have her, and I'm so lucky that I will be able to relive my own training experience and the fundamentals of Preach My Gospel so that I will be more effective. There really is no limit to the things we can do here in this city, especially with all this greenie faith. I still feel like a greenie because I've never been in charge, but I know this is exactly what the Lord wants for me right now. It's so scary! Bah!

Congrats to Howard! I'm praying he gets his visa soon...we've got a few visa-waiters stuck here trying to get INTO America, funny story. Love you all! Keep having those missionary experiences!

Love from,
Sister Willard

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