Monday, March 12, 2012


That's Danish for miracles, which have been flooding in ever since Sister Paulsen got here. Here are some of the following:
-I can't speak Danish, I'm proud to be American, and the ward loves us (constant state of miracles)
-Sister Paulsen schools us all in speaking English, which is winning over a very educated ward
-We crashed an elders quorum activity (oops) and saw several less-actives, including Ewan, who killed me at table tennis. It's always sad when there's a tournament and you can't play anymore. But Richard (the best missionary in the ward) brought a friend who really wants to come to church (even after finding out it was three hours. Amazing.)
-A woman carrying shopping on the street stopped US and said she had come to church for Christmas and that something was missing in her life and she's miffed at the CofE and she wants to come to church. We never got any contact details besides a street name, so we're on a quest to find her this evening. Pray we do!
-Carla and Bruna came to church! They loved it!
-Ewan came to church and came into class and participated!
-We got two new investigators, Sue and Suveer. Suveer is from India, here in uni, and although he's Hindi, he believes in worshipping only one God. That's as rare as finding a church-goer in Copenhagen. He's golden as well, but I think we have to turn him over to the elders in his area :(
-Southhampton won the Road Show. Boo. But we totally got to go with Carla and Jennifer and it was AMAZING. First live show in a long time, unless you count Bristol zone doing ballet to "White Christmas" in December...
-BEST OF ALL: Lina from Taiwan randomly came to church last week, so we went to see her on Thursday. The sisters before (Trover, Pressgrove,etc.) dropped her because she'd apparently gone back to Taiwan and she showed little signs of progress AND her family is less than supportive. So I don't know what I expected when we stopped by. But five minutes into the conversation, she said, "You know, the sisters were always talking about baptism, and I really want to be baptised. Can I be baptised?" I think my brain never really recovered. Her understanding stems from a Buddhist upbringing, so it was small and we were slightly hesitant. But when asked why, she said, "I want to be close to God." It was so sweet. We set a date for March 23, pending she grasps all the concepts and so forth we have to teach her. One lesson will probably focus on God, and that will be all. It'll be a while before Joseph Smith comes along :) Hooray for DVDs!
I'm so pleased to hear the MTC is so great. I heard someone say it's like a temple session that lasts six weeks, thrown in a blender with band camp. My MTC experience was very similar, just on a more intimate scale. Alex Boye is from LONDON, booyah! He is quoted to have said, "99.9% of all rap music is the most vile, disgusting garbage on earth. And you can't argue with me cus I'm black." I totally agree. The Tabernacle is so full of soul now that he's joined them :)
Winchester is fantastic! Sister Paulsen is such a good missionary--she's very organized, which helps everyone stay on top of things. I've grown a lot since I've trained. We're moving house in about a month, and it will be really nice to get into a more permanent state of things.
What sad news from home :( We're praying that everything will be okay. I know that the Atonement not only makes life hereafter possible, but He can also heal us from all the injustice and scars we encounter in this life because He knows how we feel. One story from the scriptures that I really love is Mary and Martha. Martha we look at as being cumbered about with much serving (feeding Jesus plus all his twelve disciples is no mean feat without electricity, I totally know how she felt) and Mary as the ponderous, faithful listener at His feet. Yet when their brother dies, it's Martha (the proactive one) who runs to Jesus and exercises such faith in Him that He would make it all better. He gets to the sepulchre and Mary is crying out of grief. Her faith may have fled in those moments and her contemplative spirit brought much sorrow. He promised deliverance to Martha (who desperately needed to hear it) and wept with Mary (who needed a kind, understanding friend to mourn with Her). This is an amazing example of Him tailoring rescue to each of us individually. I know He does.
Thank you so much for all of your post and prayers and miracle stories. Keep sharing them and you'll keep seeing more each day :)
Love from,
Sister Willard

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