Monday, March 19, 2012

"Fringe" makes way more sense than "Bangs"

 Highlights from this week:

-We all got daffodils yesterday for Mothering Sunday (March 18th. So St. Patrick's Day wasn't the ONLY reason everyone was out yesterday. I'd never seen a Dr. Suess hat with "Carlsberg" written on it...)

-Lora (my soul buddy in the YW) has a friend who is coming to church in the next few weeks. Apparently he's not much of a spiritual person, but he ran into the elders and now it's tooooo late...

-We got to see Lina every single day and she always tells us she's been waiting so long to see us (24 hours) and that she feels so happy when she reads and prays. On Sunday we taught chapter 2 of Gospel Principles and listed the attributes of God, and already her Buddhist background is diminishing--she said God is happy and caring. It was so sweet to hear.

-Carla and Bruna are doing so well. A family in the ward had us all for tea and after we talked about Mosiah 18:8-10 and everyone crying, they promised to consider baptism. Then we taught them tithing off the cuff, and she wasn't totally against it. Miracles! I was concerned that her financial problems would make it difficult to live, so we focused on the blessings and how tithing makes miracles happen.

-Sister Paulsen is amazing! We've had some really funny moments--we had to walk home in the dark one evening (before Brother Hamilton miraculously found us and gave us a lift) and she declared that she knew karate and demonstrated how she would protect me. I died laughing. She's rearranged the flat all feng shui and put vases (bottles of Schloer) of flowers everywhere and just decluttered a decade's worth of missionary wotsit in preparation to move.

-Breakfast smoothies: milk, mango, lemon juice, linseeds, coconut oil, raspberries, banana, protein powder, ginger and mint. It tastes like heaven and yet my stomach says I just ate like three bran muffins. Lasts all day :) Also I've learned how to make guacamole. I shall purchase a blender for my own evil purposes come winter semester.

-Our district went from 2 baptismal dates to 8 in a week. It's so cool to see the timing just work out. Sometimes you teach and they vanish or get anti'd or whatever (visit and it breaks your heart. But the timing has got to be perfect for all the elements to come together. In many cases here I've seen the result of many missionaries and members and prayers come to fruition--some are still cooking. No worries. No effort is wasted. It's tough because the stories in the church revolve around the fruits of your labors, and most of the time you won't see those fruits, even in this life. I think that's why we often feel like failures when our friends don't accept to come to church or our parents don't reactivate or whatever. But if we pray with trust in the Lord and His timing and do everything we can to invite His spirit to act, then magic happens and we will find peace.

It's been a really rewarding week. I feel so tired all the time. I guess your body just breaks down after a while, you hear ominous cracks in joints you didn't even know you had, and you try to stay safe and not play rugby with the elders so you never have to enter an NHS hospital...I wonder what the hospitals are like in Brazil?

Anyways, things sound really fantastic at home :) Keep on keeping on, give those elders referrals, and tell me when graduation is!

Love from,
Sister Willard

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