Monday, August 8, 2011

On the Royal Mail

The U.S. Postal Service is rad. Which means the Royal Mail isn't--as it is, I haven't gotten a package yet; if we're not home, they drop a collection page and we have to take it to the parcel pick-up which is open like 2 hours of the day on Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and the 14, 15, and 21st days of the month, unless it rains, then it closes 15 minutes early, unless the lady at the front is wearing a horrible pink cardigan, then they'll leave the door open to invite more people in...government institutions are a giant fail. So, long story short, I haven't gotten a package yet. The question is, did he send it to the flat, or to the mission office in Surrey? That's the best way to get things to me, but it does take a while (have to wait for the ZLs to pick up our mail and pass it along.) But don't give up hope? If anything, call somebody and I'm sure they can tell you where it is...?

If you want to Google my flat, the front door has a number 2 on it (I think it's white with a black letterbox), and it's a stony wall set in with a stucco two-story next's the last flat before you turn into Longfield Road. It looks like a British crackhouse turned crazy cat lady from the 70s and isn't much different inside. Makes for some good stories. (They showed a picture of our toilet at zone conference in demonstrating what NOT to do...that limescale was THERE when we moved in! Hopefully in six months they'll be able to swap the flat.)

So in crazy happenings; we're setting up another appt for Shekinah to be interviewed (shame we have to do it again, but whatever), and we met this new guy named Scott--he's 28, comes from money, and has realized that his life has come to naught through his own poor decisions and he wants to make things right. We began to talk about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and he's really struggling with the concept that it's not too late for him. So I talked about baptism, how it washes away every guilt, regret, or stupid thing you've ever done. He looked at me, ha;f stood up and said, "Can we do that now?"  I was like, are you serious? And he was just so excited for this to happen. He said, "I can't believe how I'm feeling inside." (Bit uncomfortable at how he stared at me). "How are you doing this?" I could just feel the Spirit talking through me (no idea what I said, it was probably testimony or something) and his mind was just short-circuiting. It was so cool to see a wealthy kid like that come out and say it's too late to turn around until he hears about the Atonement. We're so excited to see him'll take a lot more teaching until he knows what he needs to, but it was definitely the highlight of our week.

Other cool/weird happenings:
-Sister Housley was bit by a pointless, fat Jack Russell terrier. But it was a dog nonetheless. It's like rite of passage for a missionary.
-She was also divebombed by a seagull. The fourth time she's been pooped on (we just figured Exeter was bad luck). At least it wasn't in the middle of a teach.
-My wallet fell out of my bag on the bus (not hard to happen; these tourists do NOT know where they're going, and the drivers always slam on their brakes) and Shirley went down to the depot and rescued it! We thanked her profusely, and she was like, "What are friends for?"
-Youtube: Epic Mealtime. Mission correlation was detoured as Joe Walker showed us what he was doing.

Weymouth is the Promised Land! We keep teaching Olympians on the street, finding people who were taught by elders years ago and in other places, and I think most of my positivity is coming from the fact that we spend zero time with RCLAs. To some degree our responsibility is to replace the less-actives with those who are willing to come to church and fully participate--or at least plant some seeds there. Maybe it's just Weymouth, but we have got some straight-up crazy people, super hostile folks, and the biggest wasters you've ever seen. It's hard to say whether they're progressing or not, but considering how a bunch are avoiding our calls and such, I think we are successfully making them feel guilty? Question? The Church is meant to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. It's rare that we come across jerks, but it does happen. The nicest people we've met are Muslims (who we can't teach), White Witches and Warlocks, members of the AntiChrist church, and Jehovah's Witnesses (I think they appreciate how difficult knocking can be.) For all those who say, "We already ARE Christians! We are just fine, thank you," it's hard work to convince them how much more there is.

As Paul says, "We glory in tribulation" and "we must partake in the affliction of the gospel" and in D&C "we waste and wear out our lives in the bringing forth of them to the truth"--I love that. Eliza R. Snow said, "Think not when you gather to Zion the saints here have nothing to do...the Church is meant to refine us, and that is through hard work and struggle." It sounds depressing, but it's as depressing as a mission is. If we could all come out of fifty years' church membership as men or women of God as much as these RMs are, I think the Lord's grace is sufficient for us.

Anyways, I shall have to go! But I love you all. Keep on fighting the good fight and keep the faith, and you'll feel happy despite the awfulness around you. It will just be for a small moment in the end. I've got less than 15 months left! I've got so much to do!

Love from,
Sister Willard

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