Friday, August 5, 2011

The Long Stretch

I got to be in charge on this exchange. Sister Johnson is a mellow, soft-spoken sister from SLC who was definitely my calm reassurance as our teach (which was supposed to be at Cafe Nero) was switched to a boisterous pub called the Clipper. I passed Scott a card on the bridge as we walked by, nothing special--apparently he stared at it for a long time and called us up to say that his life had been so blessed and that he wanted to repay God by joining our church. Housley and I couldn't believe it. Our exchange would prove whether he was for real or not--we sat outside the pub with lemonade (it's Sprite) and he opened up about his life and how he wanted to get back on the strait and narrow but didn't know how. The Spirit was strong as we just listened and bore testimony of our purpose as missionaries--he was amazed to find out there are other people in the world like him :) He's a good guy. We tour the chapel with him this evening and will teach the Restoration. Pray that it will go well!

We've been tearing it up in the field--ten new investigators last week, turned into ten flogs this week, but Shakinah is on for baptism on the 14th after dumping her lamesauce less-active boyfriend. She did it because "he wasn't strong enough and I deserve a better testimony". We jumped up and down after she left--she's been so prepared to accept the Gospel, and we're excited to see how she'll do once the Spirit becomes a fixture in her life.

In other news:
Shirley: Still on for the 14th as well, but she's slower and not putting in the prayer necessary to learn the answer. She already knows it's true, but she's easily overwhelmed with other things and we spend most of the teach talking about her deceased parents and where they are now. Housley says that at the very least, we'll bring her to Shakinah's baptism. "Once they see a baptism, everything clicks into place and they want to be baptized as well."

Cheri: We're a bit worried that she's been anti-ed--we haven't been able to see her for a few days, and she thought we hated gay people last time we were over. As she felt the influence of the Spirit, however (we read some scriptures and bore testimony and such) she really softened and became calm and reassured once more. Praying lots that she'll understand and feel the spirit and follow its promptings.

Working a lot to meet our new investigators, which we get on a regular basis--bit like sifting for wheat. Usually the ones who aren't serious flog the first appointment, and we can drop them at once. Praying that the ones who stick will, through our consistent contact and prayers, will progress toward baptism. We've definitely seen miracles as we've planned by the Spirit and knocked roads with the enthusiasm that we would find investigators. I've found that if I'm calm and truly listening to those we speak to that the Spirit works on me to say what needs to be said--and then, when I'm not speaking, I pray for Sister Housley to say whatever needs to be said and suddenly people are crying (it always happens with women and stuff) where they absolutely did not want to talk religion before. The only real struggle we're having is that we'll have this amazing experience on the street and the person will be touched by the Spirit, and then we'll say, "Can we see you again?" and they say, "I have to go." And they walk off, leaving us standing there like, "What did we say?"

We've got a temple fireside geared toward investigators and such on the 14th, I still despise working with less-actives, it still rains every p-day without fail, I love English roasts, Asda has a clothing section, the buses and I broke up (To Housley, looking at the schedule: "Don't even LOOK at it! It'll just LIE to you!") Leigh gets her call in a few weeks, moves calls left us both in Weymouth, and we've got some new sisters in to work at the temple visitors' centre. I'm excited to see what happens these next few weeks!

So happy it's Pday! How did David (Pehrson)'s mission go without Pday? I struggled with the whole 11 days straight was rough, and I had an awful cold. Thank goodness for Nyquil. Say hello to everyone at home for me! 

Love from,
Sister Willard

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