Monday, August 22, 2011

Good Morning, darling!

It's British to say darling here. Also love and sweeties. So weird.

Weird week, although there was one big miracle: we knocked into this lady named Jill on Portland, and she told us that she wasn't interested initially. Then Housley made her start crying on the doorstep (she keeps doing this) probably because it's not common to find super friendly people in this country. We gave her hugs, and then she practically begged us to come back and talk about God. She's in the midst of moving and getting divorced and such. We went back and talked about the Plan of Salvation, and she was so sweet and so receptive, even while her husky Shadow was trying to get everyone's attention. She told us that when she was seventeen, she used to go out knocking with the missionaries--the last sisters Weymouth ever saw, thirty-something years ago. Crazy, right? Jill even went to chruch regularly, before there was a chapel! We invited her to church the following day and agreed that she would give us a lift.

On Sunday morning, we walked through the rain to her place, and she answered the door with, "You didn't get my text, did you?" After Shirley and Scott flogged us for church, we realized no investigators were coming. Jill just said she had so much work to do, and I couldn't keep the disappointment off my face. So, stranded in the rain ages away from church, we got a lift from the Walkers and an invite to tea to quell our sad feelings. I went up to the stand at sacrament meeting to conduct the music, and right before we started, in walks Jill, soaked from the rain. She told us she got dressed in a big fat hurry because there was something whispering to her, "What are you waiting for?" She dashed to church just in time. And Steve was there, and Jo from Exeter, who came to spend Sunday and Pday with us! pretty much the raddest Sunday ever, especially after a hard week.

Weymouth is the promised land. We've been finding such cool people--people who knew missionaries from years ago, people who have friends that are members, people who've been waiting for a reason to turn their lives around. We're so excited for this place to explode. The students all go back to school in a couple weeks, and we're excited for the seafront to get back to normal. 

Our district is so delightful--we determined on our weekly conference call which comic book character everyone was:
Elder Himmelright=The Incredible Flash
Elder Paraso=Green Lantern
Elder Day=Nightcrawler
Elder Johnson=Spiderman
Sister Housley=Rogue/Storm (one vote for Jubilee, who she thought was sooo lame)
Sister Willard=Jean Grey

We've been setting goals as a district to just think more positively about the work and to improve our desires, and already we're seeing some huge improvements. Negativity really can affect the whole district, and when we had trunky elders as well, it's no wonder why the areas felt dead. Thus far we've had tons of district fun and unity (amazing, since we haven't had a single district pday) and there's a big sense of camaraderie when there was ill feeling before. We've got four weeks before moves, and likely Elder Johnson will leave his greenie area at last. I'm pleased to announce that I've been here 4 whole months today! Only 14 left--have to get working!

Love from,
Sister Willard

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