Monday, October 24, 2011

Moving to Jersey Island!

Okay, so moves calls come on Tuesday so we can move Wednesday. Naturally we were all chilled out and decided not to get anxiety until tomorrow when LAST NIGHT in the middle of accounting, Pres. Shamo called us up.

He said, "Hello? Is Sister Willard there?" I said yes, and we both hovered over the speaker phone while I abandoned folding laundry.

"Do you know how to ride a bike?" I said, yes, it was like riding a bike...?

He said, "Are you up for an adventure?" Yes? "Oh, good! I thought you would be."

It is true: Jonutz and me are switching. I'm off to Jersey with Housley's favorite comp, Sister Christensen. Off to the Channel Islands and confined to a bike for Christmas! I'm so excited! Not a greenie anymore, that's for sure.

The bad news was that WE HAVE NO IDEA WHEN WE MOVE. Trying to set up appointments when you don't know when you're leaving is the worst, not to mention trying to pack AND set up for a baptism this Saturday, which I might not even be here for. Gah, stress! And I might have to leave half my stuff here due to weight requirements, or I might not have to...I'm sort of stuck in limbo. I'll be glad when it's all over.

Happily, I've got the address already. Still send parcels to the mission office, but I'm not sure how often that post gets to us on Jersey. We don't ever leave the Island, except for that one time they got to see Elder Bednar, so no Zone Conferences or District meetings except what happens over the phone. I shall send a postcard when I get there :)

Other happy news:
-Steve is getting baptized on Saturday! He's so solid, it's ridiculous! I likely won't be there for it, but I'll get pictures and send them home. Fun fact: He's also friends with Derrick, our other baptismal date. Hopefully they'll be a strength to one another and help the Elders Quorum.
-It's getting coooooold. The end is nigh, or at least it is for Sister Housley, who lived in San Diego and Provo most of her life.
-Poole Zone is doing the best in the mission, and Poole Stake has grown 10% this year. Sweet!
-There's a pair of baptisms waiting on Jersey, after they're done having chicken pox. It must be tough to be an adult with a kid's disease.
-Weymouth is stellar--the Zone Leaders keep asking us what we're doing. I think we're getting flogged a lot, and we've still got tons of progressing investigators. I'll be able to leave this area in good hands, better than we found it.
-Yeovil won the Road Show. They were the only ones who didn't go over time. Apparently ours was the funniest, like it always is. :)

Man I'm sad to have to leave this place. The branch is awesome, and we've even got progressing less-actives, something I thought would never happen here. I don't think any branch in the church have loved their missionaries as much as Weymouth loved us. It wasn't anything we did, it's just who they are. And being the only sisters in 30 years, we stick out a little bit. If the members can trust you to work your tails off and be normal enough to teach their friends, then they'll set up appointments and referrals for you. That's all it takes.

Christmas on Jersey! At least it's early enough to get to know the place so a member's house won't feel too weird. And we'll get to call home! Will I have a weird accent? Maybe. The Preach My Gospel videos are getting obnoxious because their American accents are really harsh. Weird. I bought a ukulele at a thrift shop for 4 quid! It's pink! Speaking of which, I don't know how many music stores there are on Jersey, and I'm in need of a tuner for Christmas. They have arrangements of hymns for the ukulele that I've been playing, and it's been really fun :)

I'm so excited for Howard! He'll get there in the middle of the Brazilian summer, and it'll probably be a nice break from Iceburg, Idaho. :) I will think of how warm it is there when we're dying of hypothermia here.

Fun times to everyone! Moves are stressful!

Love from,
Sister Willard

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