Monday, October 10, 2011

Best Week Ever

It's so exciting to be in Weymouth! Steve is a superhero, and has been to church three times in a row (including General Conference) and loves the scriptures and told us to Book of Mormon is true in Subway on Saturday. He's set to get baptized on the 29th of October, and Sister Housley says she's never known anyone so prepared to accept the gospel. He was saying he wished he'd known these things earlier, and not had to wait until his forties--but ascertained that perhaps he wouldn't have accepted it. Man. Every teach with him is the best teach ever, and we just sing You're the Best Around from the Karate Kid after it's over. New Young Men’s President for sure. Also Gospel Doctrine teacher :)

Other happenings in Weymouth:
-After Sister Housley disappeared into the loo after teaching Martina, Cohen apparently snuck in and all we could hear was yelling upstairs. Next time she's in the john I'll have to play bouncer. At least Ryan was clothed this time.

-Sister Housley is going to be an auntie!

-We got DVD players and Preach My Gospel films to study during comp, and during mealtimes we watch the other church films. In an attempt to make it more interesting, we hit mute on the Testaments and filled it in with our own interpretation. Most I've laughed in ages.

-No more battered Mars bars. No.

-We got a call from Barbara last night, who after years of being less-active and her husband's death in December, is determined to do whatever it takes to get her worthy to go to the temple and get her family work done. We are so excited for her!

General Conference was so fantastic--I still have yet to see the last session, but we'll get an Ensign soon enough. Did anyone else love Elder Callister's diagram of the Book of Mormon? It was so rad! We had three investigators attend, and everything was geared toward them and their questions for sure. How do they do that?

Ever since we saw Elder Bednar, I have so much more respect for the members of the 70. It's not often you get to see an Apostle, but that's what the 70 are for. They deliver the same messages that the Apostles would had they been there. So Conference was a much cooler experience this time. I made a to do list of spiritual impressions I got and I've been discovering some really cool imperatives to follow, things to pray for specifically and things to study in the scriptures.

Another fun time from General Conference is that it's our twice-a-year opportunity to go to another church (we get invited to so many here.) The Weymouth Family Church is held in a colorful Primary School, just like the Seventh Day Adventists. They had a band and a powerpoint putting up words without music (I can't sing without notes, unless it's camp songs. Those aren't artsy.) We saw Mike and Morag, Makela and her husband, and Matthew and Aaron. It's a very grace-oriented church, with singing and clapping and standing up and playing electric during the prayers. The sacrament featured several people going up and taking a hunk of bread and a goblet of wine and having people come to them (I nudged Sister Housley, "Hey! You want to go pass the sacrament?" She said it was against the word of wisdom, and it was really hard not to laugh.) Everything was very informal and pathos reigned supreme. There's definitely a lot of love in the congregation. They're looking for the truth and don't realize it's down the lane.

Thanks for posting my pictures :) We spent some of comp inventory recording ourselves doing the Cinnamon Challenge. Here are the instructions:

1. Get a tablespoon of cinnamon.
2. Eat it.

Unfortunately we didn't have enough, so we substituted cocoa instead. Housley had the bin ready, and as soon as cocoa hit her tastebuds she spat it all back out. Silly me, I tried to SWALLOW the stuff and my throat STILL feels like the Mojave Valley. Sheesh. We'll see if we can't send those videos home :)

Thanks so much for praying! Steve is cruising and the branch is doing just swell. The Lord will make things happen in His own good time--He tends to give specific answers to specific prayers, and if it's not best that your prayers be answered now, know that He'll answer them when the timing is right :)

Love from,
Sister Willard

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