Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pday has come at last!

Huzzah! It took ages, but we finally get to rest up from a really hectic week. We've got so many teaches happening on Friday, I don't know how we'll make them all :) It's nice to have an hour lunch and hour dinner (never had that from a proper paying job), and usually I sleep through the lunch break and make it til bedtime. It took us until half four on Tuesday to get our moves calls, and we are both staying yet again! That's six months with my trainer, but it's not uncommon when you whitewash in. So one third of the mission is planned for! I celebrate 5 months in one week (do they have kebabs in the States? They're well good.) When you have a baptism, you have to have a kebaptism. Tis a rule. Although battered Mars bars are also a good idea.

It's so nice today! I think we might go check out the rides on the Esplanade again and get some ice cream. You really want that soft serve all week, but you can't share the gospel with vanilla dribbling down your chin. I've given up on the old people. If I have to stop them, I talk about family history and give them the website. It's a little too much like Miami, so we get really excited to see a pram pushed by two young people on the boardwalk.

Some people are able to reject us really nicely--I'm pretty sure those people will accept it later. When people are rude, their comments revolve around sarcasm and patronizing comments regarding where we're from and how old we are--oftentimes they don't want to hear what we've got to say because we don't have the life experience they've had, and how they're so misunderstood or whatever. I'm sure it's the same in every mission. What we've got to convince them is of our experience with the Spirit and with the Lord answering prayers and the blessings of baptism. THAT experience, in the case of most people we stop, far outstrips their own. And when the Spirit can't get to their hearts, they reject our testimonies like moody teenagers, saying we don't know what we're talking about and that we made our feelings up. I never realized that people really can write off a heartfelt testimony--it's cases like that when you really just have to walk away. You have to use the Lord's time effectively, and if you're trapped in a conversation with an atheist trying to convince you that God isn't there, there are potential investigators walking by unnoticed. Cut it short, and go find the elect.

We've had some really cool miracles in the last week--the mornings seem to be the most successful, and when we know we planned by the Spirit the night before, every person is a potential convert to us and we find loads of people who are going through divorce, death in the family, moving, or some other life-changing event that makes them question the meaning of life and whether God is really there.

A nonmember asked her member son-in-law, "Why did Jesus have to die? Why was it necessary, and what did it change?" She has never asked him these questions before. I hope we'll be able to teach her. The problem is that loads of people tell her that He died for us, and they bear testimony of the feelings they have as they consider His sacrifice. I know that's the Spirit testifying that yes, it did happen, and yes, our salvation depended on it. But because they don't understand the Fall, they can't put into logic why it was necessary or why He did it in the first place. We are so lucky to be members, to understand what we're doing here and why the Fall occurred and why the Bible was changed and what happens after this life is over.

It's so good to know that the Lord has provided a way for all of us. So they drop us, or don't want to listen, or are too busy. That doesn't mean that had they been in a different circumstance that they wouldn't have. It doesn't mean that had they grown up hearing the words of Jesus that they wouldn't be stalwart in the faith. We look for the elect, but because we don't have angelic eyes, we just have to assume that everyone is elect. And we don't know what effect we have on the people we meet. As missionaries pray to consecrate their efforts, God will use them to accomplish the most good, not to mention bless them, their families, and everyone else immediately. I'm glad to be here and to know that we are being successful in Weymouth.

I shall email on Monday! Hopefully I'll have something cool to say :)

Love from,
Sister Willard

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