Monday, September 26, 2011

Mission Call

Neither of us is going to Idaho! That's so exciting! Porto Alegre will probably be a bit chillier than up north, which will make the work a bit easier. Less mosquitoes.

Quiet week looking for all our referrals from last week. Have contacted ZERO thus far :(

News on investigators:

Katrina came to church after many weeks of visiting their family. The children are asking all sorts of questions about heaven and how they'll recognize each other (they're five and six years old) and it's becoming such a bother to the parents that they're actively seeking out the Spirit in their home. It's so cool to see!

Steve we met on the street, taught the Restoration the next day, and the day after THAT he came to church. So cool. He hasn't been since his school days, back when he was 12. He's a recovering addict and so in tune to the Spirit. We spent a lot of time explaining the Atonement to him and why Jesus was so important...naturally Sunday was about the law of the fast and the law of tithing, but apparently he felt the Spirit and wants to come back next week. We got a good one!

In other news, we've got the Road Show. Theme this year: Dr. Who. They're going back in time to see why Weymouth didn't win for the last three years running...we got to watch the DVD of Pirates of the Caribbean, and I'm amazed they didn't win. It was like a proper musical you'd pay MONEY to go see. Unfortunately we were told we can't be in it because it would take all day Saturday, which really bothers me, seeing how we've got nonmembers participating in it.

We love this branch. They keep telling us about their friends and giving us referrals and calling us to say so and so accepted a Book of Mormon or accepted to come to church. So exciting! And since Leigh's farewell is this week, everyone in the youth is talking about potentially serving a mission, especially the young women. Leigh will be the very first missionary to come from Weymouth, and she'll be quickly followed by Mike, Tom, and Joe. It's so cool! The branch is so proud. The timing for us to come was impeccable.

President Shamo and Levi asked us to strengthen the branch and build their confidence, especially in basic things like family prayer and scripture study. The basics. But it can be difficult to strengthen the branch when certain activities don't directly influence your key indicators--we do our best to bring investigators to mutual and such, but sometimes we're asked to help out. I think it's working--our testimony meetings just get better and better each week, and the Primary is so smart, and the youth are so excited about missionary work since the missionary prep class went up :) I will be so sad to leave this place, but I know that it'll be much stronger when we leave it.

Funny happenings from this week:
-We cleaned the carpet in our flat today. I felt like I was back on crew at BYU.

-There's a famous singing group here called the Qwangle Wangle Choir. They're very serious about their music. Don't laugh.

-Sharing time was "I Want to Be a Missionary Now", and naturally we were put in charge. So we reenacted Ammon (complete with cardboard sword, Indian tie, and companion) serving King Lamoni (myself) by defending his poster of sheep from the Lamanites (Elliot, Rosina, and Gracie with scarves around their heads and wielding frying pans). Claire narrated from the Book of Mormon. There was even a slow motion fight sequence and everyone lost their arms. I got baptized in the end. After the play, we showed them a map of the world and used sharpie to point out where missionaries were from, and on the back we had a schedule of what missionaries do each day, which mostly amazed the teachers. It was the best Sunday ever, except they gave us really nice cupcakes to each on Fast Sunday.

-People that intimidate me don't intimidate Sister Housley, and vice versa. We make a really solid companionship :)

-Elder Day's new greenie is from Arizona. Himelright--being a little apostate--ignores "McCook" and calls him Elder Emcee instead. The Zone Leaders are just bothered that they didn't come up with it first.

We're really excited for General Conference and we're doing our best to invite anyone who'll come.

One stellar investigator can carry a whole week of stupid, and one baptism can carry months of hard work. You never know what seeds you'll plant, and you'll never know what fruit will come falling out of the sky. Just hold up your basket and watch your head.

Love from,
Sister Willard

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