Monday, October 8, 2012

Conference Weekend

Note: Last weekend during General Conference, President Monson announced a change for all missions. The eligibility age from Young Men has been moved to 18 (for all countries) and to 19 for Young Women.

Huzzah! The last time they changed the age was 1960--this is intense! It's the last long haul before the Saviour comes. Could be that they change the years required for service. First the senior couples, then the elders and sisters. It's true though--we've had loads of 18 year olds from Europe due to military obligations, and they're all serving in leadership and are incredibly mature. It really closes the window for prospective missionaries to drop out. And hopefully the isolation of sisters will shrink--it sucks when we can't talk to each other or go on exchanges for a year and a half.

Everyone in our pool stinks. Naomi all but dropped us, so there goes the last potential baptism. I think these last few weeks will be spent trying to find new people and working with less-actives. I hope the Harvester project is big and exciting for the ward--I love it when the members report to us their missionary experiences.

We didn't get the first session very well because the satellite kept failing, and I haven't seen Sunday afternoon yet and probably won't until the Ensign comes out. More and more people out here are manning up and getting BYUTV on their Sky viewer, so more people can watch conference at home. The only problem is the whole 5-7pm, 9-11pm sessions. I look forward to the morning parties at home again. My favorite talk was Elder Oaks (I'd already heard the talk from Elder Holland, but it was so different and even more powerful because it was given at the MTC. He was shouting and cracking jokes.)

Anyways, not much to report. Rain. I have to find a ukulele case or I have to leave it here. Hopefully there's a music store it town.

Thank you for all your support! I look forward to driving again--the buses in Bristol suuuuuuuuck your life away.

Love from,
Sister Willard

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