Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Right, I have like two minutes to say everything I want to: We are not moving! Sister Barker and I spend most of our evenings and planning sessions laughing hysterically at ourselves and stuff that happened that day. Our big highlight from this week was Shalen declaring that when the Hamilton’s got back from Bavaria that he was going to be baptised. That's the fifth person to tell us or ask us how to go about doing that. Sixth is Ben, who we're fasting for this Sunday. I know I'm not supposed to ask for special fasts, but seeing as it's Fast Sunday, would you be so kind as to include Ben and his family in your prayers? We get the feeling that all doors are not closed to his wife learning about the gospel, and Ben being baptised before she passes away. Please pray that we as missionaries will know how to proceed and that he will find the opportunity to speak about the gospel with her and that she will have her heart softened to hear it. Whew! What a crazy work! I apologize for my train of thought, but I hope everyone is well at home and you are all in my prayers ;)

Love from,
Sister Willard

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