Monday, February 6, 2012

Snow again!

So we were worried that church would get cancelled because it was coming down hard and fast. Everyone didn't want to chance the buses and started calling for taxis, which left us as the only shmoes waiting for AGES for a 5 to Badger Farm. The snow here is just like the stuff at home. Happily it didn't last, church went forward as usual, and Sister Sebald and I taught about personal revelation in Relief Society (get it by being obedient, praying, studying the scriptures, and following the prophet!) and I got to conduct my very first choir. It was so fun! I couldn't keep rhythm because More Holiness Give Me was rewritten to be 6/8, so I just did 2/2, made goofy faces to get them to look at me, and worked out the dynamics a little bit. Because they're English, their vowels are already really good :) I hope we get enough to sing at Ward Conference in two weeks.

-The 40 day fast is proving to strengthen the members' resolve to share the Gospel with their friends and coworkers, which is TOTALLY how this area will grow. They're bearing testimony about cool experiences over the pulpit and we're just smiling to encourage them ^_^

-The Book of Mormon DVD is proving very successful--people are more likely to take a DVD over a book these days. We just have to keep telling the office to post us more.

Things are going well. Rumors are rampant through the mission (or, at least with us) that we might get whitewashed next moves. The history of Winchester goes something like this: Elders, 7 moves, Sisters, 7 moves, Elders, 7 moves, and we are on the 7th move for sisters. But it would make sense because apparently we've got 6-7 new sisters at the end of this moves, Sister Housley's group has ten weeks left, and President refuses to do the 6 week train. That leaves Sisters Priestly, Johnson (Mills and Jonutz are already training girls from Hong Kong and Pakistan respectively, so they won't train next moves), Allred the Younger, myself, Sebald, and Binnie as the oldest in the mission. Gah, stress.

The ward is rad and we're hoping we'll find a real investigator soon.

Best of luck to you all! Keep helping those missionaries and tell everyone what you do on Sunday!

Love from,
Sister Willard

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