Monday, January 9, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

It's hard to make New Years Resolutions as a missionary because you'd better be doing all you're doing already. I've got ten minutes to tell you what's been happening:

-We stopped a guy on the street who understood little English. His name is Carlos. We told him that we had friends who spoke Portuguese, and we would call Carlos when we were with them. Fifteen minutes later, we're getting ready to teach Catia in Bro. Tiago's flat when the phone rings. I can't understand anything Carlos says on the phone, so I hand it over to Tiago. He disappears outside. Catia and us chat. Tiago comes back inside and announces that Carlos is coming to church. We rejoiced. The next day, Tiago brought him--he was all smiles and thrilled to see us again, sat with Tiago and Americo in a little Madeira gang. Tiago taught the Restoration for Gospel Principles, and we committed him to read and pray. He told us that he was going to ask his boss to change his day off from Monday to Sunday so he could come to church every week. It was a MIRACLE like the ones you read in the Ensign. Amazing.

-Tricia came to church, and Sister Christensen was assigned to speak (last time she came, I spoke). She can only stay the hour, but that's her new resolution, to come to church with us every week.

-Our ward missionary and 4th companion Debbie has been called as the Sunbeam instructor. Celeste is the only Sunbeam, and she's a spitfire. Debbie feels slightly overwhelmed, but we're grateful for the technology the church has.

-Really amazing week, five new investigators and hardly any flogs! It's the grace of God. We can finally teach more and find less. We found Carlos in ten minutes worth of finding--that's all we could squeeze in!

-Cindy is doing well, sort of. Her life is slightly out of control, but she has discovered a kindred spirit in Debbie, who has volunteered to come and clean up her house. Cindy was sobbing about her angelic volunteering, which was good, because one of her naked rats crawled across my lap and my knee-jerk reaction looked a lot like Mum's and the rat went flying and Christensen sank into silent giggles. They crawl across my feet as I'm trying to teach, and only by the grace of God can I maintain composure and my train of thought. We were walking home from that teach along the lighted cobbled street, excited about dinner and enthused about the fresh air (Cindy's flat is pungent). My tights were soaked from kneeling on Cindy's carpet--either she'd spilled tea and didn't tell us, or it was rat urine. I'm pretty sure it was the latter. The glamorous life of a missionary, even in a first-world country. Go figure.

-I got Christmas parcels today! It was awesome! I'm excited about the ramen because the stuff here is lame and really expensive. The only regret I have is that the taco sauce might have to wait because the beef in the UK is gross. It's all minced and who knows what else is in it? Maybe I could make lamb tacos? Turns out the best lamb in the world is found in the following places:

Number 1: USA (the mutton is from New Zealand, or Kiwiland as they call it here)
Second best: New Zealand
Third best: United Kingdom

So go out and get some lamb chops because it's the best in the world. So is the rest of the meat. The dairy products aren't as good as they are here, though. That's a shame. Maybe it's best :)

Anyways, I have to go! I love you all, and thank you for the loot!

Love from,
Sister Willard

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