Monday, December 19, 2011

One Week 'Til Christmas

News from this week:

-Our numbers are awful. It's always like that right around Christmas. Everyone is eager for us to call them in January.

-President wants us to ask for emails at every possible opportunity but seems unaware that people a) haven't an email in the first place (this whole internet thing is just a fad anyway) or b) don't give out their emails period. Especially here...bankers and lawyers and all sorts of people. I might get a little desperate and steal companies' business cards and email to them. :)

-The high street is totally mad. I think I've successfully posted everything I need to, so I can avoid the post office. Brings a whole new dimension to the phrase GOING POSTAL. But these English really know how to do window displays and they bring out brass bands at Christmastime to play We Three Kings and Hark the Herald Angels Sing. Feel the spirit!

-The weather held...despite everyone saying our flight would be cancelled, we made it to Surrey for the Christmas conference with the Guernsey elders...they haven't been off the island for months.

-I got parcels at the temple this week! In my impatience I opened it all early, but now I've got a stocking and Lands End to keep me warm :)

-Our skit at the Christmas Conference was akin to Harry Potter 4 when the weird French school (Jersey sisters) and Russian school (Guernsey elders) come to see the zone leaders for a district meeting in the flesh. It was well funny, and we even procured the soundtrack at the library when HMV didn't have any HP music whatsoever. (I can't wait to come home and shop at Walmart, FYE, and Kohls.)

-I was on the winning team for all three games at the ward Christmas party--Blind Pictionary, Catchphrase, and Toilet Paper Mummy.

-There were tons of nonmembers there, less-actives, and I got to spend the evening with the Mackenzies who declared that I was not like other sister missionaries (I don't know how I feel about that), but apparently I'm not shy, quiet, demure, or anything like Jonutz or Fekete. I think that's what this ward needs--two bubbly American girls to make them think postive, darnit. I wonder what it would've been like if Christensen and Housley had served here together...hmm...

-We've successfully lost the bike keys, me the first, and Christensen the second. In her strength, Sister Fekete managed to break the tops off both of them, so they were an inch long and itty bitty. Happily we've got more bike locks in the flat, so all will be well.

Speaking of Sister Fekete (from Hungary), she goes home at the end of January and she spent half her mission here (President must have forgot about her. Nine months in one area? Sister Housley is looking at the same ordeal, but at least she sees other missionaries each week). When she ended up in Exeter, an old injury flared up and they had to move her close to London to get operated on. But after weeks of crutches, she's walking! Hooray! That's so cool that Elder Ryan Miller (from Stanwood) knew who she was--she's super quiet and super sweet and everyone in Jersey loved her.

Remember why we have Christmas so you don't go crazy! I might be able to email on Boxing Day, but maybe not. Everything will likely be closed until Wednesday the 28th. Why, the world may never know. I love you all! I've only got 10 months left, so I better get busy!

Love from,
Sister Willard

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