Friday, April 22, 2011

Arriving at the Preston MTC

Dear Family,
I'm pleased to report a safe arrival in Manchester to GLORIOUS SUNSHINE and they didn't even lose my luggage. I'm rooming with two sisters, Mills and Felicia; Sister Mills is in my mission, and Sister Felicia is in Birmingham. So delightful, we're all giggly and super excited to be here. The plane ride included absolutely no sleep, so I'm hoping to stay conscious until at least nine pm tonight. So far I've got eleven hours to go. I believe!
Thanks to everyone for helping me get here. The Preston MTC is itty-bitty (seven total sisters), which means we all get personal interviews with the president and his lovely wife. I met all the missionaries in my terminal in Chicago, most from Idaho and Utah, a few from Mesa, and one from California. We are all SO stoked to be here.
The temple looks so beautiful from here; it's fifty degrees and all I want to do is lounge outside with my journal, but I have to register my medical, learn about mail, send emails to all the leadership, do my interviews and assess temple clothing before I can even go upstairs to see where they've taken my luggage. Regardless, I love you all and I'm excited to report more fully on P-day! Just so everyone knows, I got here safe and am raring to learn until my brain cells burst...
Hurrah for Israel!
Love from,
Sister Willard

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